Nationalpark Hohe Tauern – Day 5

Day 5 was our last day in the Nationalpark but it was a blast. We got up early in the morning, packed our stuff and went for a last tasty breakfast in our guesthouse. After all the formalities we drove towards our last destination of our trip. The Krimmler Wasserfälle are one of the main attractions in this area of Austria. Krimmler Waterfalls is a tiered waterfall. It begins at the top of the Krimmler Ache valley, and plunges downward in three stages. The upper stage has a drop of 140 metres, the middle of 100 metres, and the lowest a drop of 140 metres. The highest point of the waterfall is 1,470 metres above sea level. In the high season there are approx 6-7 thousand visitors daily! When we arrived, we were one of the first visitors of the day and we did not hesitate and started hiking towards them. Just a few minutes after the entrance you reach the first impressive view. The water splashes in such a wide area, that it is kinda raining 24/7 at the bottom of the fall. Spectacular!

We enjoyed this view for a while before we continued our way up. The path is very nice to walk because it is mainly in a forest. The shade helps a lot to stay refreshed. Some parts are steep but in general it is evenly zigzaging up. Every few turns there are plattforms which offer views down the waterfalls. At some of them you get very close to the falls. Be prepared to get a little wet from time to time.

Directly at the middle waterfall there is a restaurant where you can have local food and enjoy the view. Additionally at this part the river is wide and flat. We saw people having a picnic there or just resting their feet in the fresh water. Great idea!

But first things first. We kept hiking upwards to reach the top of the upper waterfall. Most people stop at the middle one but the upper one is probably the most spectacular. The path gets a bit steep here but the amazing views make up for the efforts.

After we reached the top we enjoyed for a while and took many pictures.

From here you could also hike further. There are different possibilites and most of them include an alp hut where you can eat delicious, typical food. But since we still had a long drive in front of us, we decided to walk back down. We did stop at the middle section to rest our feet in the river. WHOA! Literally ICE cold!

…but soooooooooo good and refreshing.

We didn’t plan any stops on the way back down since we had visited all the view points already, but through the trees we could spot this amazing rainbow across the waterfalls! The closer we got the more intense it got. No way we could walk on without taking pictures first.

At the entrance to the waterfalls they also have a little museum called Krimller Wasserwelten. We spent also some time there and got a lot of information about water and waterfalls. On the outside they have a really nice park with interactive games/toys. All involving water. It is super fun, for young and old folks. Splash!

That’s it! Our conclusion: we will return! There is actually so much more to do in the Nationalpark Hohe Tauern. You could easily fill a 10-14 days program. Fantastic offers everywhere, no matter if you are single, couple, group of friends or a family with little kids – lots of fun for everyone! Tip: Make sure to stay at a partner of the Nationalpark Summer Card to have tons of things included for free!

Until next time – stay tuned!


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