Nationalpark Hohe Tauern – Day 3

For this day the weather forecast wasn’t that great and we had to switch our plans from going high up in the mountains to do something more safe. Since the heavy rain should not arrive until the afternoon, we decided to go hiking in the Felbertal towards the lake called Hintersee.

You can start this hike at different spots, depending on how long you want to walk. In fact you can also drive up all the way to the lake. To our surprise the sun was out, no rain clouds to be seen anywhere close and so we parked our car at the very first possibility. The hiking sign said 1.5h to the lake. Perfect. The hike starts very impressive with a few little plattforms at the wild river. These plattforms offer you a view to some small waterfalls.

The hiking path basically follows the wild river through wonderful changing nature. We passed some forests, some meadows with cows, some muddy areas and we had to cross the river 2 times over bridges.

All along the way you get to spots where you have a wonderful view to the surrounding mountains of the Felbertal.

The hike is very beautiful and pretty easy to do. The terrain is going steadily but slightly going up. We would recommend to visit this area to everyone who has the chance to do so. After a while you get back to the road and you have to follow it for a few minutes until you get the choice to continue on the road or get back to a path. At this crossing we met a lot of cows and a great view to take a picture.

From this point it was a 30 minute hike through a forest next to the wild river until we reached the Hintersee lake. Wow, what a fantastic place!

We only had like 5 minutes to take some nice pictures because suddenly the forecasted rain clouds arrived from all sides. Our break wasn’t that long and we mainly used it to enjoy the area and take some pictures for memories with us.


To safe some time and to (hopefully) make it back to the car before the rain starts, we walked back along the road. That plan worked out successfully and we arrived before the rain started. Yay!

At this point we got hungry and we did not really have a good plan for rainy weather. But we came up with a great alternative and drove to the town called Zell am See.

As the name suggests, the town is located at a lake. On a nice day you would get great views here and you can take a boat trip accross the lake or use the cable cars to get up the local mountains. This town is very touristic and you can find shops and restaurants everywhere. We enjoyed a nice meal and rested our feet for a while before we went to stroll through town.

After a while the rain got pretty heavy and so we decided to go and enjoy an austrian speciality. In a very nice bakery we ordered Topfenstrudel with warm vanilla sauce. Yummmmmm! After that delicous extra Gigi also found a new outdoor jacket in the local sports shop. The heavy rain stayed and so we decided to drive back to our guesthouse to rest up for our next (sunny) day.

Stay tuned!


7 thoughts on “Nationalpark Hohe Tauern – Day 3

    1. Yeah! you are allowed to swim and camp along the lake. I bet its a beautiful place to spend a night in clear night with tons of stars to be seen in the sky. The lake is very cold since most of the water comes from melted snow and ice, but you can swim there πŸ™‚


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