3 Weeks in Norway: Day 20

Oslo, here we are!

Today morning we got up all motivated and ready to discover Oslo. After a hot shower we went for breakfast. It was very yummy here in our hotel. Since the weather forecast was fantastic for today but tomorrow is even a bit warmer, we decided to start with our selected museums for today. So we walked to the port and took a look around. The city hall, the Nobel Peace Center and the harbour are very nice spots and since we had to wait for a bit until the next ferry to the museums, we took some pictures already.





With the ferry we travelled to Bygdoy where the Norsk Folkmuseum and the Viking Ship Museum are located. Since most of the people directly went to the Viking Ship Museum, we decided to start at the Folkmuseum. It is an open air museum where they rebuilt original traditional buildings from different decades and also different areas of Norway. There are school buildings, farms, houses, etc and also a beautiful stave church. They even rebuilt an old gas station.






In the cafeteria at the exit we got ourselves a good sandwich and ate it while walking over to the Viking Ship Museum. This super interesting, but pretty small museum, harbours the findings of 3 viking ships, its relics and a few archeological findings. It felt special to stand in front of these ships. Since we both have a bit a thing for viking stuff we were really happy to be there.






After these two museum visits we took the ferry back and went to see the Akershus Fortress. You can only walk through the gardens and the outside of the main buildings. All around the fortress was an exhibition of the sculpture artist Laura Ford. Most of the sculptures were pretty creepy but very interesting. It´s worth googling what other sculptures she has created.



Next stop: Opera House! The opera house has a fantastic architecture. You can walk on top of it from the outside. On the top, it offers views to the skyline and to the Oslo Fjord. People use it to hang out, sunbath or as a general meeting point. We liked it a lot but the only annoying thing was that basically all around it are construction sites. Cranes everywhere and no matter in which direction you looked, something is getting built.




Slowy we started to get a bit hungry, so we decided to walk in direction of the city center. On our way we came by the Oslo Cathedral which, in our opinion, isn’t that impressive, but since we were there, we took a picture.


A bit later the decision for our dinner was made. We found a really nice looking asian restaurant called Mahayana. The menu convinced us and we did not get disappointed. The service is extra nice and friendly, the food gets served after only 10 minutes, the water gets refilled without asking and our meals were delicious. Gigi had fried lamb with Hoisin sauce and salad while I had a wok combo of shrimps and chicken with seasonal vegetables and a spicy thai sauce.

After dinner we were just walking around for a bit more and came by the National Theatre…


…and close to our hotel, this sculpture.


Now we rest and charge our batteries for tomorrow, when our mission continues. Stay tuned! 🙂


2 thoughts on “3 Weeks in Norway: Day 20

  1. Lol

    Hola amiguitos:
    Interesting and beautiful city of Oslo. I liked your picture where, from atop your smiling shadows are looking at the center of the city.
    But where is the picture of Ben on the Viking ship using his Viking helmet?

    Liked by 1 person

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