3 Weeks in Norway: Day 19

Good bye Lofoten, hello Oslo!

What a change! After being in those small villages with sometimes only 10 houses, very few people, we flew to Oslo in the afternoon. Big city, people everywhere, trams and busses, tons of shops and open restaurants. At the beginning we even felt a bit lost, because we got so used to being in the countryside. But first things first. After a nice little breakfast we directly packed all our things and tried to leave our Lofoten appartment as early as possible. This picture is the view we had from our room while having breakfast.


We had to be at the airport around 12:15 and we wanted to enjoy and drive around a bit more before that. We decided to drive to one of those really nice beaches in Haukland and hoped that the sunlight reaches there in the morning. It was so calm, so peaceful there and felt as if we are not the only ones saying good bye.



From there we drove along a very small road we had not discovered yet. On this road we could also say good bye to these fellas.


A bit later we came by a river that we had not seen either before and decided to take a picture with the nice sunlight for our memories.


In a mini village, consisting of 4 houses, called Bo (they don’t even have a paved street to these houses) we found a beautiful spot at a lake and enjoyed the view for a bit.


Then it got time to drive to Leknes airport, return the rental car and take a final picture there too. This is the whole airport 🙂


Besided us was only one other person in the waiting room 😀 It felt a bit funny, but as we said in an earlier post, this planes are more like taking a bus. At the start of the flight we were able to take nice pictures from above.



After a short flight we were back in Bodo where we had 1h time until our connection flight to Oslo. We had a quick lunch and rested a bit. From not sleeping a lot the night before we were a bit “sleep drunk” and talking nonsense 😀


During the flight to Oslo we both were sleeping for the whole duration. After our arrival we took the train to city (tip: use the normal train, not the flytoget train. Normal train takes 5 minutes longer but costs half the price). We arrived at our hotel, checked in, put our things in the room and then went out to see a bit of the near surroundings. It was already getting a bit dark by then but we got to know our way around.





Strolling through the streets, we started looking for a restaurant. There are many possibilities and in the end we went to an arabian restaurant. The food was very good! Our lack of sleep and the long day got us really tired. So we said its better to go to bed and wake up early the next day. Stay tuned!


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