3 Weeks in Norway: Day 17

This day was literally “cool” (and wet…)

Today we got up super motivated, made ourselves a really nice breakfast, checked the weather forecast (since 11:00 the chances of rain drop to around 10%), packed our stuff and left the appartment at 09:00 to have enough time to see the rest of the northern part from our plan. Our first stop was in a very little village called Eggum. There they built a place in form of a mini amphitheater with view point on top. People come here to watch the midnight sun.



Since Eggum is a dead end, we drove back, at  Borg we turned left in northern direction. A few minutes after Borg we reached a nice view point called Torvdalshalsen. From there you have a beautiful view down to the lake called Torvdalsvatnet.


Our next quick stop was at a place called Gimsøystraumen. It is actually a pretty impressive steep bridge, but we were more fascinated by the shiny yellow sea weed and the fantastic blue tones of the water in that area.


Shortly before we arrived in the biggest town called Svolvaer, we stopped at the Vågan church, also known as Lofoten cathedral, in Kabelvåg. It is in fact the biggest wooden church north of Trondheim.


Our original plan was to skip Svolvaer first and visit it on our way back, but heavy rain showers and deep dark clouds made us change plans and so we went to Svolvaer directly. It is the biggest town in the Lofoten. For being the main town in Lofoten, it was pretty empty. A few locals here and there plus a few tourists. Almost everything was closed. We were missing something in this town… we did not really “feel” it, the flair, the specialness that we have felt in every other town/city we have been to.


The good thing though, we found this restaurant called Bacalao at the port. A very nice modern restaurant with a fire place. We ordered 2 teas and we both had fish & chips. The food was very good and the hot tea helped us to warm up again after those arctic winds and the rainy weather.



…oh, and not to forget: more rainbows!


After this break we continued to drive north. When we arrived at a view point called Austnesfjorden, we saw that the mountains in this area were covered in fresh snow! It looked gorgeous, too bad that it was raining so heavy, so we decided to return here on our way back.


We continued towards the furthest northern point of our route: Fiskebol. At Fiskebol we turned left to drive along the coastal road back in direction to Svolvaer. This route is part of the national tourist route, and yes, it looks fantastic! We saw that there is carribean like water, some beaches, general beautiful scenery all along the route. The sad part for us though: heavy rain, storms, thick clouds….too dark to take good pictures. We tried to take it with humour and a few snapshots (sometimes simply taken through the windshield).





We hoped that this ~1 hour coastal drive was long enough so the weather situation at the snowy mountains had changed. When we came back to the view point at Austnesfjorden it looked a bit better and the snowy mountains were nicely viewable. Not even raining! So we started to walk up the wooden stairs to the view point. As soon as we reached it, new thick rain clouds covered the complete mountains that we wanted to photograph. Leaving only the least snowed mountain in sight…



A little bit frustrated and frozen, we decided to just head back to our appartment in Ballstad and hoped to find some nice spots on the way with better weather conditions to take some more pictures. We stopped at a bird watching place at the lake called Gardsvatnet. There is a tower that you can climb and from there you have a nice view over the lake and its variety of birds.


On the rest of our way back, we stopped at different spots whenever we had good conditions and took some nice pictures.








After a hot shower, more tea and a nice warm dinner, we feel already motivated again to continue our Lofoten tour tomorrow early in the morning to the south. Hoping that Thor takes a day or two off from his rain storms 🙂


10 thoughts on “3 Weeks in Norway: Day 17

  1. Lol

    Hola amiguitos, Where are you? I¨ll be waiting for your new adventures and of couse for your beautiful pictures. I hope you are fine despite the cold whether

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