3 Weeks in Norway: Day 16

Dear readers, followers and friends.

The day started with…rain! But we were super motivated and in a good mood, ready to discover Lofoten and so we did not let the weather affect us. We have to take it as it comes and try to make the best out of it. Instead of only sunny pictures, we got the chance to take dramatic looking ones instead 🙂 We started with a nice breakfast in our appartment and left in northern direction. How gorgeous everything looks. The landscape in those typical autumn colors, the high mountains, the colored houses, everything so traditional….simply beautiful and very unique.

Our first sight of the day was in Haukland.


Haukland has a wonderful wide beach with very fine sand. To be able to take this pictures, we had to overcome a challenge against the weather. The wind was so strong, Gigi was being pushed around, no joke. It was so strong it had salty sea water in the air, it felt like it was raining! Crazy but fun! If that was not enough, the wind was freezing cold, arctic so to say. General temperature today was between 5° and 7° (now add the wind and…).


We left this beach and only drove through a tunnel right next to it to Uttakleiv. It was another one-way-tunnel. Uttakleiv is known for its windy beach and has some big black round rocks along it.



Next stop: Unstad. To reach Unstad you have to drive through another one-way-tunnel. This little town is known by surfers. You can rent and buy surfing equipment and almost every local offers courses.


When we turned around (Unstad is a dead end), we were accompanied by three sheep. They were so funny! First they ran next to our car and suddenly they ran in front of our car and when 2 bikers showed up they just froze in time and didn’t move anymore. Perfect moment for a snapshot!


After those 3 super windy ice cold beaches, we were so frozen, that we decided to visit the viking museum in Borg. The museum is located directly where the original chieftain building was. A local farmer was working on this area with a tool that could dig deeper than normal and he actually felt that there was something underneath. The archeologists found enough evidence, that they could rebuild the chieftain house.





The museum explains in videos and a movie how this happened. In another room you can see artifacts and relics from the vikings of Borg. A highlight is the visit of the rebuilt chieftain house. People are dressed in viking clothes and are crafting goods (f.e. wood works, shoe making, clothes or even cooking). In summer you can also participate in viking games and row a replica of a viking ship. It was a great experience!




Afterwards we drove to Hov where they have a famous golf course. The fact that the weather is so tricky on the Lofoten, makes this golf course one of the hardest to play. Many people come here to practice under hard circumstances. In fact we saw many people playing today in these freezing winds and rain. A few hundred meter next to the golf course they have also a beautiful beach in Hov.



Funny story of the day: It was already 2:30 when we left the Viking Museum, we were already hungry and a bit cranky. We needed to find a place to eat. And as you know, low season, not many things are open. We passed a few little towns with no luck. The next bigger town was still an hour away. While driving we saw some cars parked in what looked like a little restaurant. Then we saw a sign “home cooked meals” yay! food! We parked and went into the restaurant. There was only another couple eating. We asked if they still served lunch. They did. We asked for the menu and the waiter said ” We only serve cake, we have cake alone or we can serve it with eggs, or fish”.

Cake? that sounded a bit strange, we figured it was some sort of Quiche or savory pie. We ordered one with eggs and one with fish. When they brought our plates we both had to bite our tongues not to laugh out loud hihihi. The egg one consisted of a slice of toast bread (plain) a burger pattie (no sauce) and a fried egg on top of that. The “fish” one (lol) another slice of toast bread and two small “fish” (tasted like potato puree) patties on top. That´s the Lofoten cake lol…we couldn’t stop giggling the rest of the meal.

Haha, no picture! But instead some nice pictures from the road, including rainbows! (we saw like 5 different rainbows today!!!)








After this experience, we continued our tour and decided to drive to Henningsvaer. We read, that this fisher town would be very nice. Already on the way there, we had to stop several times. The road follows the coast and offers a lot of fantastic views. The sun came out in between some 1 minute rain showers and that created fantastic light situations.



In Henningsvaer it was very calm. Almost nobody in the streets. Just some other tourists strolling around (freezing) and only a handful of locals going for a walk. The fisher town looks very nice. The port area as well as the fishing sites are very interesting.




Outside of town on the furthest cliffs, you can see wooden constructions where the fisher hang the fishes out to dry.


At this time, it started to get already a bit dark. On our way back, we stopped at another little beach close to Henningsvaer.


Afterwards we went straight back and only stopped once at a supermarket to pick up some things instead of driving around in the middle of nowhere to only find closed restaurants. We bought Chicken Tika Masala and vegetables to heat up in our appartment for dinner. Along with that, we made a nice warm soup to heat ourselves up again 🙂



8 thoughts on “3 Weeks in Norway: Day 16

  1. Lol

    Hello Friends, as I was reading its nice experiences and watching
    the beautiful pictures, especially those from the beaches, I felt my nose, was cold and I thought you are 5 degrees !!! And I said what a cold!!! and icy experiences you have had in Undstad. I send you one warm hug.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hallo,gigi u. Ben, opa u. Ich sind gut im oetztal angekommen u. Haben soeben eure lefotenexperiences u. Die vielen eindrucksfollen
    Bilder angeschaut. In den nachrichten hat man fantastische nordlichtbilder aus lsland von heute gezeigt und wir hoffen u. Wuenschen
    Es euch ganz fest, dass ihr es auch zu sehen bekommt,! Viele liebe gruesse Oma u. Opa

    Von Samsung-Tablet gesendet

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow! Was für eine tolle Überraschung! Wir haben uns gerade sehr über eure Nachricht und die Glückwünsche gefreut und sind erstaunt, dass du dich sogar mit dem Tablet nun so gut auskennst 🙂 Viel Spass und Erhohlung im Ötztal wünschen euch, Gigi und Ben


  3. Again…just magnificent! Loved the viking house, how awesome to find that! I’m so glad they rebuilt it! As for rowing a viking ship…so on my bucket list now! 🙂 And the sheep! Adorable! What a fantastic shot! Happy and safe travels to you both!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hi guys! so happy to read about your weekend adventures! 😀 Too bad the weather hasn’t been that great but those clouds indeed add dramatism and contrast to your pictures, which are beautiful by the way! I love the sceneries and beaches. The viking museum looks very interesting and I lol’d with the sheep picture hahaha.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. We were loling for a few minutes with the sheep too. They were so funny running all around the car and suddenly stopping in front of it 😀 As for the weather, fingers crossed, today it looks more promising.


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