3 Weeks in Norway: Day 15

…Lofoten Islands!!!!!

Today we left Trondheim already at 6.30am and drove to the airport. We returned our rental car, which looked like it participated in a ralley through the jungle. It also showed that we drove a total of 1.785km so far since we arrived in Stavanger. Pretty awesome! Oh, on the way to the airport, we literally drove through Hell 🙂 Hell is actually the name of a town in Norway. At the airport we took a flight to Bodø.


In Bodø we had to wait for 2.5h for our connection flight to Leknes. To the Lofoten you can only fly with small planes because the airports are pretty small as well. The plane fits 50 people and has the atmosphere of a public bus. Even on the ticket instead of a seat number it says “free”.



The flight itself was pretty smooth and while landing we already saw some glimpses of the Lofoten islands. Already the first impressions from the plane made us excited for whats coming.



The baggage claim is about 4m long 🙂 And we only had to wait 2 minutes for our stuff. After that we picked up our new rental car. This time our Lamborghini goes by the make of Opel and responds to the name Mokka. Only that this time I could not rely anymore on Helga (our navigation system from before), but instead I have Gigi with a roadmap 🙂 When we drove away from the airport we came into heavy rain, but after a few minutes it was gone. We drove to Ballstad where we had booked a Rorbuer appartment. Now what is a Rorbuer appartment? It comes from Rorbu and these were basically the wooden accomodations for local fishermen, built directly by the sea, often on wooden poles and with an own pier.


When we arrived the sun came out very nicely for a while and we took a look around the reception area.



Looking back to the rain clouds where we came from, we saw this amazing rainbow which built itself up more and more. At times you could even slightly see a second one. While we were taking pictures, the rainbow completed itself in front of us. What a welcome!




A bit later we went to see the owner of these Rorbuer appartments at the reception. It is decorated with local goods and dried fish. It looked really authentic and nice. We could also take some brochures about the Lofoten with us.


We left our things, jumped in the car and went to get to know our way around and to look already for some nice spots for the upcoming days. At some point we got pretty hungry and decided to have some fun food today. Good, because around the next corner at a shopping mall was a Pizza place.



Later we picked up some goods at the supermarket and spotted these signs.


Now we are relaxing in our nice appartment, with the heating on (outside is pretty cold now…we went from 25° in Stavanger to 9° on the Lofoten), a cup of tea (or beer) and simply enjoying to be here. Here are two impressions of our Rorbuer appartment.



Let’s stay tuned and see what tomorrow brings!




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