3 Weeks in Norway: Day 14

Getting to know Trondheim – that was our motto for today.

This city has really much to offer and every quarter of the town is very different. After our breakfast we started with going to the so called Our Lady’s Church. It was still closed and so we took only pictures from the outside.


Next to this church is the town square with a monument of Olav Tryggvason, the founder of Trondheim. He was a Viking who later converted to Christianity.


From here we followed the street southwards until we reached Trondheims number one sight, the famous Nidaros Cathedral. The gothic architecture is stunning and majestic. They were having a morning mass (you are not allowed to enter during mass) and so we decided to come back later to see it from the inside.



In the meantime we crossed the river  Nidelva via the Elgeseter Bru to have another view towards the cathedral.


We followed the path along the river until we reached the wonderful Bakklandet area. This quarter of Trondheim feels more like a village than a part of a city because it is very quiet, the houses are traditional norwegian and everything feels extra calm (see previous post for pictures). We have been there yesterday already but we did not walk up the hill to the Kristiansten Fortress. From the fortress you have a very nice view down to the city center. In the fortress you can find some cannons and the tower that was used as a dungeon.





On our way back down, we used a very steep street. Next to the sidewalk was a metal rail in the ground. All the way from the top of the hill down to the base. Exactly when I asked Gigi what this thingy could be, a guy on a bike stopped at the bottom, pressed a button, put his right foot on top of the rail and after a few seconds a metal thingy that looked like a shark fin came out and pushed the guy up the hill. It looked a bit hard to do because the metal thingy is pretty thin and you have to balance quite good (in our opinion). On the sign we read that this is the world’s first and (so far) only bicycle elevator! (We always seem to come across something unexpected and surprising 🙂 ) You can even find youtube videos of it. Just type “trampe bicycle lift”.



As we were heading towards the cathedral, we passed the old town bridge called Gamle Bybro. Since we were already there, we also took the opportunity to take some more pictures of the Trondheim wharves.




We arrived at the Cathedral and we discovered we needed to buy tickets. The tickets cost 90 crowns each. We considered not entering but we wanted to take some nice pictures of the interior since we had already seen some postcards and it looked really nice. We bought the tickets, entered the church and…the first thing we saw as soon as we walked in, a big sign saying “taking pictures and video not allowed” 😦 Can we say…frustrated? Yes. It is a beautiful church, the inside is stunning as well. At least we were lucky with one thing, the organist was doing a demonstration for a group of children. We were able to hear the impressive organ being played, we heard many tunes including the Star Wars theme! that was special! Well, for pictures of the inside we can only leave a link. >>Click here<<


Now it was time to visit one of many museums that Trondheim has to offer. We decided to visit the Museum of Natural History and Archeology. It was interesting because on our way there, in the middle of the city we saw archeologists digging on a site. Besides the basic exhibition they had 2 special ones: Polar Night and Medieval Trondheim. The Polar night has to do with life at the North Pole and scientist researching and discovering what happens in the depths of the ocean in the polar region (new animal species and how animals behave and adapt during the Polar night). Medieval Trondheim explained how Trondheim was founded and showed many of the discovered items from the diggings through the town. Many still happening (like the one we saw on our way). They say only 4 to 5 percent has been discovered so far. Both exhibitions were very interesting.


Those exhibitions took us a while and we got very hungry. It was already 3pm and we saw a sushi buffet with an all you can eat offer. They had soup, spring rolls, noodles, stir fried scampi sticks, vegetables and lots of different sushi. It was a nice lunch option. Next to the mall where we also found the sushi restaurant, is the concert house of Trondheim called ByScenen.


Since we had been to all places we wanted to see and we still had some time available, we decided to visit the Rockheim museum. On the way there we passed a fountain with a large rock. The water of the fountain was so calm, that the surrounding buildings mirrored themselves in it.


The Rockheim museum is about the history of norwegian music throughout the 50’s until today. Directly at the entrance we got told that it is an interactive museum and that we should not be shy to push buttons, touch stuff and move our bodies to activate screens, start videos and get information. Wow, that was really fun! We would totally recommend to visit this museum if you like music and you should bring some hours of time with you. For example, only in the 70’s room they have material for more than 4 hours! Amazing. Here are some impressions.








That was Trondheim! …and now we are getting ready for our next adventure. Tomorrow we fly to…



4 thoughts on “3 Weeks in Norway: Day 14

  1. Hola Gigi, gracias al detalle que pones en tu blog y las increíbles fotos que subes es como estar ahi.
    No pensé que Noruega fuera un lugar tan hermoso.
    Por cierto sales muy guapa en las fotos
    Te mando un abrazo y sigo al pendiente de tus aventuras de mañana.
    Te mando un abrazo

    Liked by 1 person

  2. No photos?! NOOOO!!!! That is torture to a photographer! 🙂 What an impressive building, so ornate! I am really curious about all those people in the walls; yes, more googling! I can’t wait to see where you are off to next…!

    Liked by 1 person

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