3 Weeks in Norway: Day 13

…and now it happened: Rain 😦

We woke up this morning and it was raining, just like that. The first real rainy day. We have been so lucky so far but now it finally happened. Nonetheless we started with another very good breakfast before we left Kristiansund in direction to Trondheim. We took the E70 until we drove through another under water tunnel with a length of 5.5km. On the other side we changed to the E36. After a bridge we stopped for a picture because the morning sunlight was coming through for just a moment in a nice scenery.



When we arrived in Kanestraum we took the ferry to Halsa. Now, that we have mentioned the ferries in Norway already a few times, we thought we share some pictures from the main deck. They are not only ferries, they even have a coffee shop, seats to relax, platforms to go outside, restrooms, etc. Not all of them are the same. Some are small and built different, but this one today had everything. This route has so much traffic, that the ferry has 4 parking lanes, 2 only for trucks and 2 for cars/caravans/SUVs.



From Halsa we continued on the E36. After a few minutes we drove by a brown street sign (brown symbolizes an attraction). First we even passed it because it was raining pretty hard at that time, but after a few seconds we decided to check it out. On the sign it said that it was only 3km away. A very narrow street leads through a forest until you reach 3 houses with a small parking lot. We couldn’t see anything and drove on for a bit more. After about 3 minutes we decided to turn around. When we arrived at the 3 houses again we stopped and took a look around. Down the hill at the Fjord we spotted another sign. So we put on our rain coats and walked down the hill in pouring rain. It made no sense. Normally we would have turned around and kept driving. But something inside of us (we commented on that later) wanted to know what that sign was saying. When we came closer we saw a little boat with a pier and further out an island in the Fjord. So we thought it is a summer attraction. At the pier was a little red house and when we came around the corner it had this drawing of an orca (killer whale) on it.


We were like “Awesome! there must be whales around! Let’s go and read the sign.” When we reached the sign we saw this…


…and then we read this: (in case its hard for you to read, we wrote it down below the picture)


It is autumn, a beautiful Sunday in early September 2002. A local family has been out fishing. Out in the Fjord something black, big and shiny is moving towards their boat. A big white and black head comes up against the gunwale and the family gets a little scared, they start the engine and head back to shore. The big fish follows the family into the Skalvik Fjord. When they get ashore the animal doesn´t seem so scary anymore. Eventually the kids venture out into the water again. Little did they know that they were swimming with Keiko the famous movie star from the “Free Willy” movies. 

It isn´t long until the world´s press get hold of the news and a media circus is started. People come from far and near. Some swim with Keiko but most people watch him from ashore. The “Free Keiko Foundation” turned up and worked continuously to try to get Keiko to join the migrating whales outside of the Fjord. When Winter comes, the Skalvik Fjord freezes, and Keiko is moved to Taknes. For about a year the world´s attention is focused on Halsa and their famous new resident. A spring and a summer comes and goes and Keiko is still here. But next winter Keiko begins to get sick. On December the 12th 2003, Keiko dies of pneumonia and he is then buried in the pebbles in Taknes bay. People come to place stones on the burial site, and old Norwegian burial custom. You are now standing at this burial site, you too are now free to honor Keiko by adding another stone to his memorial. 


Keiko´s memorial:




…and of course we put a bit love and good wishes in the form of a stone.



After this totally unexpected highlight we drove straight to Trondheim. We checked in, changed clothes to more weather resistant parts (yes, the rain followed us) and went to discover this city. Our first stop was between the train station and the port. The Rockheim, a music museum of pop & rock history, is located there.


On the other side of the train station are already the first of the famous Trondheim wharves.


From there we crossed the river Nidelva via the Verftsbrua to the quarter called Solsiden. This quarter is full of bars, cafes and restaurants. A wonderful place to hang out and have a drink. The buildings in this quarter look pretty Irish because everything is built in red bricks. We were impressed that even with this bad weather the streets were full of people. It wasn´t raining hard anymore but the most extreme element was the wind, we even asked “is a hurricane coming?” Gigi was surprised to see many mothers walking their babies in the crazy weather. Another thing we recognized was, that the shops, restaurants, cafes, museums, etc are actually opened! After the small “ghost” towns we have been recently (“everything closed”) this felt kinda different 🙂



From Solsiden we walked along the river Nidelva to the famous area called Bakklandet. In this area the buildings are very typical norwegian with wooden facades and different colors. In this area are also some really nice looking cafes. At the end of it is the old town bridge called Gamle Bybro. From this bridge you have a beautiful view along the river with its famous wharves buildings on both sides. Many people say, that if you have seen Bergen, you can skip Trondheim as they are quite similar. We do NOT agree. Trondheim is different from Bergen and we like Trondheim so far even more.






The rain stopped for a bit but the wind was blowing really hard and cold. Our fingers and toes were cold from the walk and taking pictures. We decided to warm up and find some good restaurant with warm food. Strolling through the streets we saw so many restaurant selling the “norwegians most wanted” foods aka pizza, burger, hot dogs and tacos. But fortunately this city offers lots of restaurants with decent food. We saw this very promising looking Thai restaurant called Khao Thai and only reading the menu at the entrance watered our mouths. We entered and started with fried prawns in plum sauce – delicious! As our main dishes, Gigi decided for chicken in yellow curry with coconut milk, lime leaves, peanuts and vegetables. I chose duck in red curry with coconut milk, peas, bamboo and pineapples. Both meals were amazing!



After dinner it was raining again and we did not want to get cold and wet again, so we decided to take it easy and relaxed. Now we are going to plan for tomorrow. More of Trondheim to come – Stay tuned!


12 thoughts on “3 Weeks in Norway: Day 13

    1. We understand, but to be honest, we felt really lucky to be able to add a stone to his memorial. We didn’t know about his passing at all. As written, something has drawn our attention to this place even though we didn’t see any attraction from afar and almost drove away.


  1. It was so cool that you found that unexpected Keiko burial site but it made me sad to remember the whole story. I am glad you got to honor the “little” one. 🙂 Hope you get better weather tomorrow!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I really enjoyed reading of Keiko’s final years, being loved and honoured; it seems he was happy where he was, which is beautiful. And looking at that scenery, who can blame him! What a beautiful country…I think I say that every time don’t I?! 🙂 Happy travels, has it really been two weeks already?!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Lol
    Hi guys, I think each site you have visited in Norway, has its own peculiarity and charm. You have shown us in their beautiful pictures, congratulations !!!

    Liked by 2 people

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