3 Weeks in Norway: Day 12

Kristiansund, 100% Kristiansund.

Today the weather was very insecure and so we decided to stay in town to discover Kristiansund. This town has 4 areas (islands), Kirkelandet/Innlandet/Nordlandet/Gomalandet that are all connected with bridges or reachable with a little harbour ship which is circulating to each area. Right after a very good breakfast we headed to the port and bought the tourist ticket (1 day ticket) for the harbour boat called Sundbaten.




We entered on Kirkelandet and only 2 minutes later we arrived already on Innlandet. This part is the old town of Kristiansund. On the local hill is a memorial rock with cannons which remember the harbour fight in the napoleonic wars. We discovered some more hiking trails on this hill and found another little viewpoint towards the ocean.




This island also goes by the nick name Tahiti. Apparently they even have an annual Tahiti festival here 🙂



Back at the harbour we took the ship and went to Nordlandet. This island has the nick name Marokko. The airport of Kristiansund is located here too. Already from the harbour we could see a stone church and we decided to check it out. The weather today was sadly not very good. It was cloudy all day and from time to time it rained a few drops. We needed a bit to find an angle to the church which didn’t over expose our pictures. What would an island be without a view point! Obviously Nordlandet has one too. The view from up there was really nice. You could see the complete port area as well as the main part of Kristiansund, Kirkelandet.





Our next stop was Gomalandet. On this part is the Klippfisk museum. Klippfisk is the traditional norweigan dried and salted cod. Its history goes way back and since we already ate the famous Bacalao, we decided to visit this museum. I am pretty sure that some readers at this point were already thinking like “But hey, isn’t almost everything always closed in Norway?” …and yes, those of you were absolutely right. Closed 😀 At this time we didn’t even get disappointed anymore, we even laughed about it 🙂 Alright, so we continued walking around on this island and managed to find the way back to the center of Kristiansund on Kirkelandet.



On the way there we passed by the main port, with lots of sailing ships, and the shipyard.



Already yesterday, when we came back from the sunset, we saw a funny street. In that street every house looks the same! Just the colors are different. But in any other aspect they are all the same. So we decided to go back there once more and take some pictures.


After a short 30 minute rest in the hotel we went out for dinner. While strolling through the side streets we saw this restaurant that is specialized in fish meals. We checked the menu and saw “Klippfisk”….alright, now that we could not visit the museum, we gotta at least eat it. Gigi had a special dish. It was balls made of fish, potatoes and cream which were served with vegetables and fried bacon. I ordered Klippfisk prepared in the traditional way with mashed potatoes, peas, onions and fried bacon. It was sensational! In fact it was so delicious, that I (Ben) would say that this was the best meal I have had on the whole journey so far. So here is a shout-out to the fantastic cuisine of the family run fiskrestaurant called Sjøstjerna. A perfect ending to our stay in Kristiansund. Tomorrow we will continue. Stay tuned!




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