3 Weeks in Norway: Day 11

Goodbye Ålesund!

Today we left Ålesund  on our trip further to the north. It was a fantastic 1.5 days stay in this nice, quiet and windy town. After a nutritious breakfast we headed out of town. On our way to Vestnes we took a quick glimpse at the Maritime Museum and spotted an impressive bridge.



At Vestnes we took the ferry directly to Molde. This town is known for its soccer team. That’s probably the reason why the soccer stadium is apparently the top sight in this town 😀 We skipped that and prefered to stroll through town for a while. We discoverd a church with a very interesting architecture as well as the library. The port area was also worth a visit. In general Molde is pretty modern and a very clean town.






Afterwards we decided to check out the view point of this town. The Varden is a mountain with a well known view. If the conditions are good, it is said, that you can see 222 mountain peaks. Curious as we are, we went up to see that with our own eyes. The view is amazing but we didn’t count the peaks. You can hardly see them on the picture because the sun was in our disadvantage at that time of the day and we had to photograph against it.


Our chosen direction took us to a very nice little fisher town, in the very north west of this area, called Bud. On the way there the weather changed and it got cloudy. This didn’t influence our motivation and so we stopped to take a look around.



We didn’t mention this so far, but all along our routes from Stavanger until here, we have seen sheep herds in every area. Time to share a pic!


In Bud another national tourist route has its beginning: The Atlanterhavsvegen  (Atlantic Ocean Road).  Along the way we came by a specific view point called Kjeksa. From here you have a wonderful view to the ocean. The weather conditions and the sun from the side created this very dramatic image.


Exactly when we arrived at the beginning of the most famous part of the Atlanterhavsvegen, we were welcomed by a wonderful rainbow which spread from a little island in the ocean to the end of the national tourist route. This part of the road leads in 8km over 8 bridges and several little islands to Kårvåg. On one of the islands is a hill where they built a platform to go around it and have nice views to the ocean. The most attractive bridge is called Storseisundetbrua. If you look at it in a specific angle, it kinda looks twisted.






It was already afternoon and our tummies were asking for a late lunch. Good that there is a café on one of the islands! When we parked the car we already feared the worst. Yes, it was closed…of course. But there also were some local people and we asked them where we could go for lunch. “Just 2 km ahead is a restaurant” …they said and we went there. Closed! Obviously. So we decided to drive straight to Kristiansund, find our hotel, check in and directly go for a big meal. Said – done! Directly in the street of our hotel are 3 restaurants. After a quick glimpse into the menus of them, we decided for a portuguese/brazilian influenced norweigan restaurant. It was a perfect choice! Gigi ordered pork tenderloin with aspargus and mashed potatoes and I had lamb stew with fresh baked bread and mashed potatoes. The food was as delicious as it sounds and the interior of the restaurant was very very nice! A great place if you ever make it to Kristiansund: Boteco!


After such a big meal we directly went to discover Kristansund for a bit. We passed by the local church and found a park where many people go for a walk.



At the end of this park is a view point where you can see some islands. Lucky as we are, the sun was setting right there and we could enjoy another wonderful sunset with a great view.


On our mini map we saw that there was a tower close by. When we arrived there, the sun was sinking into some clouds and illuminated the sky in wonderful tones. A fantastic ending to this day 🙂




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