3 Weeks in Norway: Day 10

This day started directly with a gorgeous sunrise which we could enjoy directly from our room.


Our hotel in Alesund offers a really yummy breakfast with a very nice selection. So far everywhere we got served the typical brown norwegian cheese. It has an interesting flavor. Its somehow like cheddar cheese but more sweet and it feels a creamy.


After breakfast we continued our discovery tour through Alesund. First thing we did was a hiking tour over 418 stair steps up to the very nice view point on the Aksla moutain called Fjellstua. Β From there you have a wonderful view over the whole town and all the islands surrounding it. We had to wait a bit for the sun to come out behind the clouds, but the wait was worth it.




Since we already hiked up the Aksla, we decided to stay a bit longer and follow the hiking trails up there. You can find a little tower and some more viewpoints in different directions.




After going all 418 stair steps back down, we continued to see a bit more of the town center with its colorful buildings. We took some more pictures before we went to have lunch directly next to the water in front of those nice buildings. From time to time sailing ships pass by at that spot aswell. We forgot to take a picture of our lunch, but it was fantastic. We both had a pulled pork sandwich with caramelized onions.



Our next target was some kilometers outside of the town on one of those islands. On the way there we had to take 3 tunnels, but not just simple tunnels, they are under water! Already when we saw the street map I said to Gigi, that I didn’t remember any bridges between those islands from when we have been on the mountain. It was a really nice experience where you could really feel the pressure in your ears from being under water.



When we arrived on the last of the connected islands called Godoya, we had to drive through another tunnel. This one is special because it just has 1 lane. So if there are cars coming your way, you better be in a safe spot πŸ˜€ After that tunnel we reached the stunningly beautiful little town called Alnes with its famous lighthouse. We decided to park at the beginning of the town so we could enjoy walking along the coast. You can see typical norwegian houses, lots of seagulls and some little islands out in the ocean. And not to forget: the lighthouse!





On our way back from Alnes to Alesund our navigation system had some real malfunctions. It got confused and sent us in a total differnt direction. Somehow we ended up in the caribbean!


Ok, so…it wasn’t the caribbean but when we prepared ourselves for our trip to Norway we knew that it was going to be rainy, windy, cold and maybe even already a bit snowing, but no one told us to bring our beach wear πŸ˜€ Super sunny, even hot and this gorgeous (norwegian) beach on Giske island! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G



Back in town we went to a spot where we have been yesterday already. We didn’t like the light conditions but today it was beautiful. Here a picture of Alesund church.


The later it got, the clearer the sky got and by the time the sunset was about to start, the sky was almost cloudless. We didn’t hesitate and went up the 418 steps to the Aksla mountain again. It was wonderful. The sun was setting straight behind the town and next to an island out in the ocean. The sun was still warm but since Alesund (and especially up here on the mountain) is very windy we had to put on a jacket. We enjoyed the beautiful sunset and stayed until it got dark and the city lights were switched on. Wow, what a view!




After this wonderful sunset we went back to town and chose a location for dinner. Since we arrived in Alesund, we hear that this town is very famous for its Bacalao meals. So Gigi had the housemade pasta and I decided to have Bacalao. As one page on the internet writes: “Bacalao is one of Norway’s most popular but yet most foreign dish. We sent the cod abroad before it returned on a spanish ship.” The southern european countries imported Bacalao (which is basically dried and salted cod) from Norway and Iceland since ages. It was mainly the portuguese and spanish folks who created the dish itself with all the ingrediants it has today. Basic Bacalao is served in a spicy sauce with tomatoes, potatoes, onions and garlic. Nowadays it is one of the most popular meals in Norway.

Now it is time to get some rest, before we head out on our way up north πŸ™‚ Stay tuned!


6 thoughts on “3 Weeks in Norway: Day 10

  1. I like it too!! hahaha….
    I didn’t log into your blog this weekend but I loved seeing two days of adventures in a row! πŸ˜€ I loved Alesund, the beach, the view, the sunset! wow!

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