3 Weeks in Norway: Day 9

Today was a day with a few real Norway highlights…let’s start!

After a decent breakfast at the Geiranger Hotel, we left towards the Trollstigen. It was a bit rainy in the morning and some tourist busses were also about to leave from the hotel. So we hurried to be able to drive before them. Specially because we knew about the roads to come. Just a few minutes into the road and after some steep turns up back into the mountains, we reached a nice view point back to the Geiranger Fjord called Ørnesvingen. The view from here is even better than on the other side where we came down. You can see far into the Fjord.



A while later the road goes back down from the mountain to sea level where we had to take another ferry. This time we crossed the Geiranger Fjord from Eidsdal to Linge.


From Linge we continued on the Rv63 towards the Trollstigen, but first things first. On the way there, we came by another spot of the national tourist route called Gudbrandsjuvet. It is a canyon of the river Valldøla and reaches a depth of 25m. At the entrance to the canyon is a very nice waterfall. All around the Gundbrandsjuvet are platforms from which you have different views and perspectives into the canyon.





After this stop the road continued higher up into the mountains and as you already know, the whole landscape changes. We couldn’t help but take some more pictures.



Some more minutes through this very nice landscape finally brought us to the highlight of the day: the Trollstigen view point! We did not explain it yet, but the Trollstigen is a very famous and steep road up the mountain with a zigzag shape and many turns. The name means that it is a stair of the Trolls which have a big meaning in the norweigan culture. Exactly at this point it was raining a bit harder and the wind up there was blowing really cold and so hard, that a few umbrellas of some tourists even turned inside out, but we were so happy and motivated to be here, that we grabbed our cameras and walked to the best spots on the viewing platforms. And what a view it is! Here you go.




And that is not all! The Trollstigen also has a waterfall (what else?) called Stigfossen which has an impressive total fall length of 239m! If only photos could recreate those amazing distances 😦 On pictures it looks like a little river…sad times, but still a great sight.




Talking about Trolls…



Later on our way we sadly had to take the “highway” towards Ålesund. Sadly, because there is really not much to be seen other than trees, bushes, construction sites and a bit more traffic, but whenever there was a nice spot, there was no chance to stop the car to enjoy the scenery because, yeah, …highway right?

With that being said, we simply drove all the way to Ålesund and arrived already in the afternoon. We checked in to our hotel, changed clothes and went directly out to start discovering the town. Right when we arrived the sun came finally back! We found a little hill in the middle of the town which offers nice views to nearby spots. Ålesund is renowned both nationally and internationally for its architecture, a member of “Reseau Art Nouveau Network”, a European network of Art Nouveau cities, including among others Glasgow, Barcelona and Vienna. If you have ever visited one of those cities, you know how beautiful they are. We found that Ålesund is very special because in our opinion it looks very unique. You don’t think that you actually are in Norway. We would recommend to everyone to visit this town if possible. Here are some first impressions!






While strolling through town, we saw this very nice looking restaurant named “Sostrene Fryd” which serves organic and gluten free food. We chose to come back for dinner. The menu consists of very well selected meals and ingredients. We both chose a salad, based on quinoa with baby spinach, red peppers, green beans and feta plus a main ingredient of your own choice (salmon and shrimps or vegan with mushrooms or chicken). It was delicious!



After dinner we walked a bit around the shopping area and the port of the town before going back to the hotel to finish the day. We are already motivated to continue our discovery of Ålesund tomorrow! Stay tuned!




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