3 Weeks in Norway: Day 6

Bergen, the city surrounded by 7 mountains (Berge). Today we spent the whole day in this nice city. We were walking around the whole center area to discover as much as possible. Honestly, the center is not that huge and it’s easily done in 1 day…unless you want to visit a lot of museums. We decided to only go to museums if the weather is bad, but as lucky as we are, we had another sunny day! It’s really nice to just walk around and discover all by yourself. Enjoy some impressions at this point!










We were still so fascinated about the yummy fish meal we had yesterday, so we decided to go for round 2 at lunch. Gigi was craving calamares plus a mixed salad and I chose the Teriyaki Salmon with vegetables, rice and salad. Fantastic!






In the Afternoon we took the inclined tram up on one of the 7 mountains. Fløyen is well known for its spectacular view down to the city. And we can absolutly confirm that! What a view! With good weather conditions you can really see the whole city in each direction. Simply beautiful!




As we still had a lot of time left and we were on a mountain with a lot of hiking trails, we decided to go for a little hike. We found a Kindergarten (!!!) on this mountain – what a brilliant idea! We followed the main trail and came to a nice little lake where a school class was having a blast in canoes. As we went on, we made a new friend. A cute dog was bringing us a stick so we could throw it into the lake for him 😀 But he did not give up his stick without a little fight 😉



Last but not least we were waiting for the sun to set. From the day before we knew where it sets and the view for the sunset should be amazing up here on Fløyen. See for yourself!




To end the day we chose a very recommended sushi restaurant close to our hotel called Sumo. We both ordered a Miso soup to warm up a bit and then Gigi had California Maki and I decided for Hatasashi Maki which are made with duck. It was a perfect ending of another very special day on our journey.

Tomorrow we have a lot of ground to cover. We gonna head further to the north. Let’s see what kind of treasures we gonna discover on our way 🙂


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