3 Weeks in Norway: Day 5

Another awesome day is going down in history!

Today started with a fantastic breakfast in our little B&B Hotel in this idyllic place called Ovre Eidfjord. They served fresh made ham & eggs (directly served in the hot pan), homemade Crepes, special norwegian cheese and many other yummy things. Perfect start into a long day!


After breakfast we left on the Rv7 in direction to Oslo to see the Vøringsfossen. First we read that there is a hiking path to this waterfalls, but somehow we could not find it. So we drove to a lookout point and enjoyed the fantastic view from high above to this impressive waterfall.




From here we drove back the same way we came from the day before until we reached the tunnel with a very futuristic ‘disco-roundabout’. At this roundabout we took the direction over the Hardangerbrua towards Granvin. The tunnel system is almost 8km long and has 2 of those ‘disco-roundabouts’.


In Granvin we had to decide if we wanna drive along the Hardanger Fjord or just the highway towards Bergen. Well, we are here to discover the sweetest spots of this country, aren’t we? So yeah, you guessed right, we chose the tight and curvy road Fv7 alongside the Fjord. …and thanks god we chose this way! Fantastic views, so called eye-candy, all along the way! You could say our eyes got stimulated 😀




But yes, the road is very narrow in some places, you really pray that there are no big trucks coming the other way. Shortly after a nice little town called Norheimsund was the next highlight of this tour. The waterfall called Steinsdalsfossen welcomes travellers with its stunning appearance. This waterfall has something very special that we can’t really describe. The water splashes out so far, that it is possible to walk behind it!





Next stop: Bergen! …or so we thought…but it came different! We were still on the Fv7 towards Bergen when suddenly after a tunnel we saw a street sign with a recommended viewpoint. We have not seen or heard about this spot in any tourist guide or anything. We stopped and on the first glimpse we could not see anything. Gigi said something like ‘I see nothing but trees and hills’. I told her that I just take a quick picture of the area and we drive on, but then I looked behind us….and there it was, another spectacular waterfall! It’s called Fossen Bratte and wow, we are so happy we spotted it!



Afterwards we headed on to Bergen and reached the city even earlier than calculated. What a shock! Its such a big city, especially after waking up in one of those towns that only has one street and you can drive through it in 10 seconds. After a little cruising in the wrong direction we managed to find a way to our hotel, quickly checked in, refreshed ourselfes and went out again to discover the city already a bit. We walked down to the port and the fish market. Fantastic scents of fresh cooked fish, butter and garlic were in the air and it watered our mouths so much, that we just sat down and had a fantastic dinner. Gigi decided for the classic fish & chips (missing the Aussie ones) and I chose prawns in chili & garlic sauce with rice and salad (and finally a beer!).




After this delicious meal we continued to discover the city a bit more. Next to the fish market is the famous quarter called Bryggen with its colorful wooden houses. Very impressive to stand in front of this often photographed spot. All over Norway you can buy postcards with this motive. Also the little sideways between this houses are very nice to discover and in those sideways you can see that those wooden houses already need to be supported by iron rods to not fall to the side! The sun was setting into the sea and we got gorgeous light to take special pictures.




We walked around a bit more and went through a little fortress called Bergenhus where you can find the Rosenkranztarnet (a tower) and the Hakonshallen (ceremonial hall).


After a quick stop at the Starbucks we discoverd the shopping mile of Bergen called Torgallmenningen. Also there are some interesting spots to which we will come back. It was already dark by this time and we were getting tired, so we decided to walk back to the hotel. On the way we spotted the last highlight of the day. The impressive church Johanneskirken was illuminated with spotlights. A fantastic opportunity for a night picture. We went up some stairs to get a close look and took some pictures before we went to the hotel.



Tomorrow we have a full day in Bergen to discover more interesting spots and also we planned to go up on one of the seven mountains which are located around Bergen.


3 thoughts on “3 Weeks in Norway: Day 5

  1. Wow!! I love every picture and every description of this blog. I feel like I am right there with you guys enjoying the sceneries, the food, the energy of the place. So happy for you two! 🙂 I can’t wait to see what tomorrow has in store! 😀 Have a wonderful day!

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