3 Weeks in Norway: Day 4

Hello travellers, followers and readers! Today we had another blast in this wonderful country and we still can’t believe all the beautiful places we passed by while driving. You could easily stop every 2 minutes to take pictures, sit down and only enjoy, or even make a little BBQ. Everywhere you look you see something interesting!

Today we started early in the morning. After our breakfast we left the hotel in direction to Sauda. We saw a beautiful lake which has an island in the middle. This lake was waking up in the morning light glow exactly at the time we drove by.


The road leads a bit up in the mountains but all along you can see down to the Fjord. It’s an up and down drive until we reached our first big stop of the day: Svandalsfossen!


This waterfall is so impressive! You start basically at the bottom of the waterfall. From down there you have the first great view. Stairways lead up on the side of the waterfall and later it turns into stairways of rocks. After only 5 minutes you reach the middle viewpoint of the waterfall and it blew our minds.



We took many pictures and to our pleasure the sun was kinda following us. When we arrived there was still shade and slowly everything turned into brightest sunshine. We decided to follow some more stairs up to the highest point. Wow! We were so impressed by it. And the waterfall itself is so close, you can basically go into it and take a shower.


After the waterfall we continued our drive towards Odda. We chose the Rv520. A road high in the mountains which is closed for a long time during winter. Because of the altitude we could appreciate a different landscape than down at the Fjords. Everything is already in deep autumn colors while at the Fjords its still more summer. This road, Ladies and Gentlemen, please take it whenever you can. I don’t know how often we said “wow” while driving through this breathtaking area. Enjoy some pictures at this point!





A few minutes before Odda was our next stop: the famous Latefoss waterfall! This waterfall is close to the road that your windshield gets wet when you drive by. Here you can’t hike up the waterfall to get to different viewing points. But the view from down is already impressive.



When we arrived in Odda, we were pretty hungry and decided to take a break for a while. We found a nice little restaurant that served Asian and Arabian food. Funny fact: hardest restaurants to find in Norway are Norwegian restaurants.


From here we followed the Rv13 up north alongside the Hardanger Fjord. It was almost a two hour drive with the Fjord on our left, just a few meters away, the view was spectacular.


All along this road, farmers sell fresh fruits. We stopped to buy a bag full of apples. Ovre Eidfjord on the Rv7 in direction to Oslo was our destination for today. In this little village we found a really nice B&B hotel in classic norwegian style.


From here we are going to travel on to Bergen tomorrow, where we will stay a full day. Stay tuned!


6 thoughts on “3 Weeks in Norway: Day 4

  1. Probably my first and last serious comment on this blog. Beautiful pictures and beautiful people on them too, seems like you guys are having a blast, I’m happy for you.
    PD: Same.

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