3 Weeks in Norway: Day 3

What a day! Wait, let me repeat: “What! A! Day!”

Normally I would say that I don’t have the words to describe what happened and that you need to live and see it with your own eyes, but let me give it a try.

Today we got up early around 6:40 to get ready and pack all our goods. We wanted to be at the breakfast of the Preikestolen Fjellstue as early as possible. We had a good breakfast, checked out of the Fjellstue, brought all our goods to the car and started the hike with only our backpacks, a rain jacket, some water and our cameras.



The hike directly starts with a steep part. It is like a mountain trail with lots of gravels and some little stones, but later those little stones turn into rocks. Those rocks are often arranged like a stair and some steps are easily half a meter high.


Climbing up those rocky stairs take quite an effort and you can see many people taking a break at those spots. You have to overcome 3 of such “stairways”. After that you have reached the half of the trail, but since here the hike becomes amazing.


The views are breathtaking and the landscape simply wonderful. You pass some little lakes where adventurers have set camp overnight. Some of them were still sleeping or having breakfast when we walked by.


The path continues steadily but evenly going up and the views just keep getting better and better. After about 2 hours and a distance of 4km we finally reached the famous Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock) and we were blown away!

wp_20160918_10_24_00_pro-medium selftimer9_18_2016-11_42_44-am-medium selftimer9_18_2016-10_37_11-am-medium

What a wonderful place on earth that is! The sun was still raising just in front of us, the Fjord (Lysefjord) slowly waking up and embracing us with its beauty. Wow…just wow!

wp_20160918_11_12_24_pro-medium wp_20160918_11_50_07_pro-medium

Another good thing about hiking up here in the morning is, that there are not that many people up there yet 😉 After many many picutres in every possible direction, we decided to climb up a bit higher to have a view down to the Preikestolen. After a short discovery tour I found a way up. …and there we stood, enjoying an even more impressive view!

wp_20160918_10_51_32_pro-medium wp_20160918_11_05_49_pro-medium

At some point we had to say goodbye because we still had some km on the road to cover. On the way down masses of people from many different countries were on their way up. So I would totally recommend to do this hike in the morning like we did. Guess in the afternoon there won’t be a lot of space left up there. After another 2 hour hike back to the Fjellstue, we left this amazing area to head on.


We took the Rv13 road to the north and followed it all the way to Hjelmeland were we took a ferry to Nesvik. From there the Rv13 road continues and this part of the road is stunning! You drive alongside a beautiful Fjord which makes you wanna stop every 200m to take another picture.


On the left side of the road you have high cliffs, on the right side the Fjord…what a ride! Later the road goes up into the mountains. Every few minutes you get different but yet amazing views. This road I would recommend to everyone who ever is driving through Norway. Simply breathtaking!


Now we arrived in a town called Sand and we decided to stay here overnight. We found a nice little hotel, took a well deserved shower and now are getting ready to go for dinner and a stroll through this town. On the way we already saw a sight which we will try to check out today.


We are already soooo excited to see what treasures of this country we will see and discover tomorrow! Stay tuned!

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