Hike to the Sarotla Hut

After a pretty long heat period the temperatures finally were bearable again. So what better thing to do than to pack some things, invite the family, choose a destination and just go out again? We decided to go for a hike in the morning and wanted to pick a destination where we could have a little lunch as a reward. The destinaion was soon found and we decided to hike through the Sarotla valley to the Sarotla hut. (To check out the whole adventure click here or on any of the images below!)

The Sarotla hut is located at the bottom of some high, well known and impressive mountains. The hut was also destroyed in 1999 by an avalanche and rebuilt right afterwards. My grandfather, who joined the hike aswell, told us stories from 50 years ago. Back then he stayed overnight to summit the surrounding mountains the next morning.

After a 30 minute drive we arrived at our starting point close to Brand. There is a little, kinda hidden, parking lot for hikers directly at a little river. The hike starts very easy on the street and you follow the direction to Brand for a while. You pass a nice old hut with a little alp called Klostermaisäss from where you have already a nice view of the famous mountain Zimba.


At some point you reach an inofficial intersection where you can take a shortcut  which saves you around 10 minutes. At this intersection you also leave the street and start hiking on path. First you cross a meadow before entering a very tight forest. In this forest we found some tasty mushrooms (Parasol) which we took with us for dinner at home. Following the hiking trail we soon reached the wild river of the Sarotla valley which will be on our side almost all the time.


We crossed the river over wooden bridge, which has been rebuilt already a few times in past decades because of various avalanches. Once we passed the first really steep part and exited the forest, we found ourselves in a beautiful area which is slowly converting to autumn looks. And then there is this amazing view towards the big mountains all around the valley. Very impressive!


Along the way we found a balloon with a card which travelled all the way from Switzerland. It has been let go at a wedding. We are gonna write back and let’s see what happens 🙂 We came to a passage with another wooden bridge crossing the river and at this bridge grandfather told us another story. He has been at exactly this point with grandma where they took a picture of her sitting on bridge with those impressive mountains in the background….a picture they still remember to this day because of its splendidness. But since back then, the forest has grown so much taller that you can’t see the mountains anymore if you take a seat on the bridge.


From here the path continues very easy for a while. It was really beautiful to see the first impressions of autumn in this area. Also the golden sunlight supported that feeling. From the distance you can see 3 waterfalls. One of them you can reach directly from this trail. It’s a very nice spot to take some pictures and to relax for a moment. Directly after the waterfalls, the most difficult part of the hike starts.


The area in front of us is very steep. All along the path are medium – big rocks which have to be overcome. It takes a lot of energy to make your way up. It continues like that for about 1 hour. In this time the terrain stays super steep and you have to mentally motivate yourself to not stop or even give up. I guess the best is to already imagine the good food at the hut, the cold beer and to take off the shoes for a while 🙂



With this motivation we continued and fought our way up. In parts it seems to never end but then finally after you come around a corner, you can see the hut! And best of all….it’s already pretty close! You can literally feel the motivation coming back to life and all you want is to get to this hut, sit down, order a cold drink and some delicious food.


As mentioned earlier, the hut has been rebuildt in 2000. It’s a very nice, modern hut which serves regional products. Up to 38 people can stay overnight. The hospitality is very friendly and the owners are very open and talkative. We ordered our drinks and chose our meals. Grandma and Grandpa chose a soup, the rest of us had fresh made special regional sausages called Burenwurst. They were so delicious, that we ordered 2 extra portions. To top it off, we all ordered a dessert 🙂 The hut offered the typical austrian Topfenstrudel with hot vanilla sauce. Yummy! Soooo delicious! …and after that steep hike we totally deserved it.


We stayed for a while, enjoyed the view and rested our feet before we went the same way back down. All in all a very beautiful and recommended hike. Just be aware of the steep parts and prepare yourself for it. It sort of feels like going up the stairs for two straight hours with some rests in between. But the location of the hut at the bottom of all those impressive mountains and its delicious food makes up for the effort to reach it.

Some information:

Country: Austria

Province: Vorarlberg

Area: Brand / Brandnertal

Length: 9km

Vertical meter: ↑ 652m / ↓ 652m

Time: 5 hours

Weather: sunny / cloudy 13° – 21°C


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