One Way Home – Hiking from Übersaxen to Satteins

When Gigi and I were in Übersaxen (899m) earlier this winter for a hike in the snow, we saw a sign at an intersection saying “Satteins”. Since Satteins is the place we live, we decided to go back at some point and walk all the way home from there. Last weekend we made this promise come true!

We also invited my mother and my grandmother for this hike and both were motivated and willing to join. Especially for my grandmother this tour would be a good practice because her knee got operated earlier this year. So this was a great test to see if everything is fine again.

We packed nothing but water for this hike and 15 minutes later by car we already arrived at the starting point. Directly at the parking lot is a Kneipp cure/treading water with crystal clear, ice cold fresh water. It also offers a little path for walking barefoot on pieces of wood, stones, gravels and grass. (For the full slideshow click on any of the images below)

WP_20160807_16_01_53_Pro (Medium)

Time to start the hike! We took to the left and followed a small street up north until we reached the besaid intersection where the trail towards Satteins starts. It is a very nice hiking trail in an idyllic environment with lots of wooden cabins, many flowers and different types of grass. Everything kinda comes in patches. A patch of flowers, a patch of reeds, some moors, little rivers here and there followed by forests and little swamps. All in all very rich in variety and therefore very interesting. Your eyes are constantly spotting new things that draw your attention.

WP_20160807_16_27_40_Pro (Medium)

saxeins part 1


After a while on this trail we reached the next intersection at the alp Gulmalpe (1106m). This alp belongs to Satteins and often harbors a lot of cattle. The view from there is gorgeous and you can spot a lot of wellknown summits (f.e. Zimba, the Matterhorn of Vorarlberg 😉 ).

WP_20160807_16_56_33_Pro (Medium)

After a short break we continued to follow the trail towards Satteins. We passed a lot of forests, crossed some meadows and zigzagging continued our way down. All along the way you see cabins, which some are used as vacation homes, others as storages for field working machines.

saxeins part 2

Next quick stop was an intersection where our group split up. My mother and grandmother took the path back to the car. Gigi and I followed an old trail, which is not used a lot anymore, back home.

WP_20160807_17_06_27_Pro (Medium)

This last part is only going downwards. We passed and walked along some wild little rivers which make their way down to the valley. The path itself winds its way down until you finally reach Satteins (495m) in the northern part.

saxeins part 3

As we exited the last part of the forest, we were welcomed by the beautiful yellow-/orangish glow of the evening sun and a nice view over our little village. Accompanied by this wonderful ambiance we totally enjoyed the last meters and minutes of this hike…

WP_20160807_18_53_47_Pro (Medium)

Some information:

Country: Austria

State: Vorarlberg

Area: Übersaxen / Satteins

Time: 3 hours

Distance: 10km

Vertical meter:  ↑ 207m / ↓ 611m

Weather: sunny 23°c


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