Excursion to Hohenschwangau Castle in Bavaria, Germany

Last weekend the weather was so beautiful, but way too hot for a hike. So we took the chance for an excursion. The destination was quickly found, especially because friends from the Netherlands were having their vacation close to this area. Hohenschwangau Castle here we come!


At first we could not believe that the traffic was almost non existent (german highways are well known for their traffic jams and construction sites) …until 12 minutes before arriving at our meeting point. Oh boy, these 12 minutes extended to 70 minutes! The time we lost is one thing, the 32°C on the highway without any shadow the other. But we did not let it affect us! We came to enjoy a great day with friends in a beautiful environment. (For the full slideshow click on any of the images below)

DSCF4795 (Large)

After a light lunch our group took off to get the tickets to visit the castle. Our original destination (Neuschwanstein) had a waiting time of 3.5 hours. So we decided to visit the second castle which had a waiting time of only 1 hour. This time we spent visiting the gardens, fountains and surroundings of the castle.

DSCF4781 (Large)

Sadly you are not allowed to take pictures on the inside of the castle, but here is a link with some impressions and its history.

After the tour we left the castle on the back exit to walk down a nice little road in the refreshing shadow towards the Alpsee. Stunning darkish green color, swans on the lake and surrounded by a forest, sums up the beautiful view. We stayed for a while to enjoy the nature and the calm at the lakeside.

DSCF4790 (Large)

A bit later it was already time to say goodbye to our friends. For our way home we decided to take the roads over the austrian mountains through the valley called Lechtal instead of the german highways. Just a few minutes into this road, you can stop at a waterfall of the river Lech. A bridge leads over it to offer views from different perspectives.

DSCF4801 (Large)

We were so happy that we took this road because it offers spectacular views from being deep down in the valleys and some minutes later high up in the mountains. For the missed visit to Neuschwanstein castle we will probably be back in autumn or winter.


Some information:

Country: Germany

State: Bavaria

Area: Schwangau


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