From Alp to Alp and a Summit – Hiking Tour to the Glattmar summit

IMPORTANT: Major change in how to view our photographs! To enjoy the full photo album just click on any of the images below to start the slideshow 🙂


Hello everyone!

Is there a better time to go for a nice hike than on a saturday with pretty low temperatures and fantastic weather conditions? Exactly, NO! That’s why we did not hesitate to pack our backpack, prepare some food and throw all the equipment into the trunk of the car. Let’s go!

We drove until the village called Sonntag (888m) in the valley named Grosses Walsertal. Next to the parking lot is directly the entrance to the cable car which takes you to the other side of the valley.

glattmar part 1 [15501]


Once you arrive there (1306m), you can choose if you want to go left and follow a very easy, yet very interesting, way up to the first alp or if you take to the right and follow a pretty steep hiking trail. If you take the easier way to the left, then you can find a theme trail called Klangraum and be part of an interactive nature program.

WP_20160716_11_27_45_Pro (Large)

Our decision was the steep hiking trail which hardest part is the first 10 minutes. After that it gets easier and you pass through an area with lots of cows and a little river. After about 40 minutes you reach the first alp Unterpartnomalpe (1560m).

WP_20160716_12_09_36_Pro (Large)

At the interception you get the chance to get back on the easy way and visit the above mentioned theme trail Klangraum, you can continue straight ahead on a hiking trail towards the summit Glattmar or take the right and follow a wide hiking trail to the Oberpartnomalpe.

glattmar part 2 [15502]

After this first steep ascent we decided to take it easy for a bit and took the right direction towards Oberpartnomalpe. This path offers fantastic views of summits all around this area, for example the summit Breithorn (2018m).

WP_20160716_12_14_21_Pro (Large)

Already 20 minutes later you arrive at the alp Oberpartnomalpe. On this alp the movie called Der Atem des Himmels was produced. Here you also have the possibility to sit down to eat and drink local specialities, rest your feet for a while and enjoy the panorama. As convincing as it sounds, we decided to continue to the summit first and have our well deserved break and food on the top.

glattmar part 3 [15503]

WP_20160716_12_26_47_Pro (Large)

We followed the hiking trail towards  the lead-in for the ascend to the summit of the Glattmar. In parts it is a bit hard to even see the trail because you are basically crossing a meadow with no real path to follow, but who needs a path when you know where to go? 😉 Once reached the lead-in, it directly continues very steep up on a trail with a lot of loose stones. You have to take care where you step not to lose your balance.

WP_20160716_13_05_35_Pro (Large)

This path can be a bit of a challenge if you are not used to summit a mountain. But fighting your way up until the top is worth it. You get rewarded with a fantastic 360° panoramic view. The mountains and alps you can spot from up there, the rivers, the valleys, the light….simply wow. The feeling to sit down there, enjoying your food and drink, the calm and the peacefulness let you totally forget all the efforts it took to reach the summit of the Glattmar (1930m).

glattmar part 4 [15504]

WP_20160716_14_04_14_Panorama (Large)

WP_20160716_14_20_24_Pro (Large)

After an extensive break we wrote a little review into the summit book and began our descent from the Glattmar. After reaching the lead-in again, we followed the direct hiking trail to the earlier visited alp Unterpartnomalpe. With the sun in our backs we got beautiful light to take some pictures and enjoy our way down.

WP_20160716_15_11_16_Pro (Large)

If we would have had more time (cable car closes at 5pm), we would have taken the longer way via theme trail Klangraum. But sadly we were already a bit late and so we had to take the same trail from Unterpartnomalp to the cable car than earlier already.

glattmar part 5 [15505]

All in all a fantastic route with amazing views! The possibility to also visit the alp hut with specialities rounds up this very recommended route. We will come again 🙂

IMPORTANT: Major change in how to view our photographs! To enjoy the full photo album just click on any of the images to start the slideshow 🙂

Thank you! Cheers, Ben & Gigi


Some Information:

Country: Austria

Area: Grosses Walsertal (Vorarlberg)

Length: 9.8km

Vertical meter: 624m

Time: 5 hours (walking time)

Weather: sunny/cloudy 19° max / 8° min (summit)


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